DigilinkComputerswil cover the shipping costs of any order within the United States (excluding Alaska andHawai) back and forth and replace the pats) witin thefirst30 business days of receiving your computer system .The Customer takes ful esponsitiliy forshipping charges on any ordershipped intemationally. The Customer is alsoliable for any shipping charges for in emaftonalshipments sentbac after waranty epair iscompleted Shipments fo waranty repair mustbe shippedto DigilinkComputers within 10 business days after DiginkComputers confims the waranty repair. Dilink Computers will ot honor waranty sevice if he computeris defective due to physical damage,overclocking (unless otewise stated in wrifing by an ficer of DiginkComputers) or from pat modficaions from the oialoder on citical components such as the motedboard, processo, case,o powersupply.Waranties ill also be voided if components are removed from the oinginaspec of the computer. Digilink Computers reseves the ightto use similar products or similarto new products for l epars o computer systems if he producthistindicated is outof stoc if you request fo Digilink Computers to use a specCificproductfor your order, and would not like to substitute itwith allemnatives it may besubject to delay.

Digilink Computers is implementing the proper local health ordinance pertaining to COVID-19 in order to keep our employees safe. The current climate is impacting our delivery times and service response. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.